Our mission is to Save our Sisters of all nationalities, cultures and religious backgrounds in the Rochester community from negative social activities in their environment. It is our responsibility as a community to cultivate a strong sense of pride and well-being, to stem the tide of self-destruction and disrespect that is commonplace.

This program is intended to begin to empower girls and women with the armament of self-esteem, educational and work values, communication skills, health awareness, safety and financial security.  We will provide pathways, resources, and contacts that will enable our young sisters to reach their true potential.  Save Our Sisters hopes to encourage young women to follow their dreams, and to expand their vision.
Our Mission...
This page was last updated: December 5, 2009
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SOS Contact Info.
Mailing Address:
PO Box 26424
Rochester, NY  14626-0424
Phone: 585/227-0072
Fax: 585/227-9585
Email: director@save-our-sisters.com
Check out what's going on with SOS...
The SOS Community Gospel Choir!
SOS Gospel Choir is HOT!  Now is a great and exciting time to join or to encourage your daughter, grand-daughter, niece, sister, or friend to join!  Why?  Besides the fact that it's just fun, the choir continues to be invited to sing all over and around Rochester and are excelling as the premier community gospel choir for girls!

Next rehearsal: 
Saturday, December 12th at 10:30 am
RL Edwards Manor
615 Clarissa Street
Rochester, NY  14608

Based on how this rehearsal goes, we may have another rehearsal on Saturday, December 19th at the same time and place.

*If there is a conflict, please let Wardell Lewis know as soon as you can.

The purpose of the SOS Gospel Choir is to provide a positive outlet for gils to get together with their peers and use their gift and love for singing to glorify Jesus Christ.

Coming to rehearsal also gives you a chance to ask questions and get more information about the choir.  The choir is under the direction of Wardell Lewis, Jr. (Church of Love Faith Center) and Yvondria Thomas (Baber AME Church) and has been "adopted" by the AKOMA Women's Gospel Choir.  Spread the word about this truly positive experience right here in Rochester, New York!
MySpace SOS Page
Facebook SOS Page
SOS is more accessible!  We now have pages on Facebook and MySpace!  Now you have more choices on how to make contact with us and keep yourself in the know about SOS events!

Just click on either icon to visit our pages and hopefully to become a friend!
*It is important to note that joining the group on Facebook or MySpace does not extend to you all the benefits of full membership which requires a $10 annual payment.

I will be positive and not negative
I will build up and not tear down
I will love and not hate
I will save myself and one day someone else
The SOS Community Gospel Choir.......

has been invited to do Christmas Caroling on Sunday, December 20, 2009 at 4:00PM at RL Edwards Manor and Daisy House!  This was a wonderful event and a great time for all last year!  Let's have another fantastic event while spreading our message and holiday cheer this year as well!